Super Sharpen kit

Gouge Set Up Blocks

and Free 2 Inch Gauge Block

includes these items

  • Amazing Flat Compass

  • Universal Setting Jig

  • Quad Setting Jig

  • Angle Checker Gauge

  • Sharpening DVD by Ron Brown


Amazing Flat Compass

Here is a new twist on a centuries-old drawing instrument used daily throughout the world. Most compasses and dividers are used in the vertical position. The amazing flat compass is designed to be used in a horizontal position resting on the work piece during use.

The multi-point drawing tip was designed to be used with a wide variety of writing instruments from pencils and ballpoint pens to the largest sharpie. Bowl Turner’s will find the amazing flat compass particularly useful as they routinely struggle to lay out bowl blanks. Traditional pencils do not write very well, if at all, on wet rough surface

Traditional flat workers will enjoy the compact structure of the amazing flat compass and its tremendous range as they design varies components from circles and arcs to bisecting lines. The amazing flat compass is not designed to completely replace the traditional two legged small compass we all have in our drawing instrument drawers. Most woodworkers will find that the amazing flat compass excels when working with larger circles and arcs up to 24 inches in Sharpies excel in this application.

The pivot point is custom manufactured from 100% stainless steel and is built to be rugged and durable. As all stainless steel is rust and corrosion resistant the amazing flat compass is designed to give many years of service. Measuring only 8” long by 2-1/2” wide and around 2” tall, the amazing flat compass is capable of drawing circles up to 24 inches in diameter and as small as around 3 inches.  


Quad-Setting-Jig For Wood Lathe Tools


Thank you for your overwhelming support of my new Universal Setting Jig for use in sharpening your spindle and bowl gouges. I am thrilled at the response.

Many of you asked about the other side of the grinder, the platform. You wanted to know if I had something which would enable the same kind of accuracy in sharpening the “4 Other Tools”. So, I came up with a jig to use to correctly set the proper grinding angles for Roughing Gouges, Parting Tools, Skews & Bowl Scrapers. I’ve named it the “Quad Setting Jig”, since one jig sets the correct angels for all 4 of the other HSS woodturning lathe tools. It is also available for immediate shipment.

Includes Quad-Setting-Jig only does not include sharpening system OR lathe tool, colors may vary, 2.99 usa shipping only for eight inch grinders only





Turning Tool Angle Gauge 7574

Recommended Angle Turning Tool
30° Spindle Gouges 
(for aggressive detailing)
37° Skew Chisels
40° Spindle Gouges
45° Bowl Gouges
50° Roughing Gouges
55° Bowl Gouges
60° Bowl Gouges
(Blounted for strong cutting edge)
82° Bowl Scrapers

The brass Turning Angle gauge has eight different angles cut out gor easy and quick angle identification. The angles are used for certain turning tools, but may also be used at your own discretion or prference. This gauge is the ideal way to measure for consistant engle grinds on your turning tools while sharpening.



Universal Setting Jig Lathe Tool Sharpening 



Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, you could pick up any HSS lathe gouge you own and reproduce that grind exactly every time? Well now you can and it is easy with the Universal Setting Jig for Lathe Tool Sharpening from Ron Brown’s Best. The universal setting jig does it all. You can reproduce any grind you currently have and love and want to keep. This Jig will also allow you to take a brand-new tool and use the universal setting jig to begin withthe nose angle of your choice; 35°, 40°, 45°, and 50° or anything in between. Includes universal jig only does not include sharpening system OR lathe tool, colors may vary,




Ron Brown's Best Gouge Setup Blocks™

It Only Takes Two


This will set the correct arm angle for sharpening 4 HSS wood turning gouges.

 The Setup Blocks shown in black are included with my ProGrind Sharpening System. They are not available separately. The yellow Setup Blocks work exactly the same as the black ones but are available individually. The yellow ones have been modified to work with the  OneWay Wolverine Varigrind #1 gouge grinding fixture used for bowl and spindle gouge sharpening. The yellow Setup Blocks are milled from HDPE and are extremely durable.

Settings for the Yellow HDPE Setup Blocks

Block #1 - Side #1

Bowl Gouge

Bottom Feeder Grind (very short and steep for cleaning up inside bowl bottoms)

Leg Angle 4th notch or 40 deg

Block #1 Side #2

Bowl Gouge

Ellsworth Type Grind (Long Swept Back-Great for green wood)

Leg Angle 5th notch or 45 deg

Block #2 Side #1

Bowl Gouge

Standard Grind (Normal - Can be used everywhere, but best for dry wood and twice turned bowl blanks)

Leg Angle 2 notch or 23 deg

Block #2 Side #2

Spindle Gouge

Fingernail Grind (Excellent for detail spindle turning)

Leg Angle 2nd notch or 23 deg


Free 2" Gauge Block

easy fast and exact



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Ron Brown's Master Sharpen Kit

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Ron Brown's Master Sharpen Kit

Ron Brown's Master Sharpen Kit

Super Sharpen kit Gouge Set Up Blocks and Free 2 Inch Gauge Block includes these items Amazing Fla..



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